Why you should not fill your bin over the rim

Say it louder for the people in the back! DO NOT fill your skip bin over the rim! Here is why!


Bin2Go Australia has a priority of keeping our customers, staff, and the general public safe when it comes to waste management. If a skip bin is filled up above the rim and the rubbish begins to overflow out materials from the bin could possibly fall out of the bin and onto the road, endangering road users and pedestrians. This creates danger.


It is actually against the law to transport a skip bin that can’t be safely covered and transported back to the warehouse without bits and pieces falling out.
How to avoid overfilling a skip bin

It is quite simple to avoid overfilling a skip bin. The first tip would be to ensure you’re hiring the right size skip bin! It’s important to evaluate your waste so you’re not underestimating the amount of waste you have accumulated. If you’re unsure of how to do this – Give Bin2Go a call on 0451 211 002 and let us know how we can assist you!

You can also fill the bin up strategically! Don’t just throw your waste in. Treat it like a game of Tetris! Start off with flat laying objects at the bottom, followed by larger and bulkier items. Followed by lighter objects to fill the spots. Know your skip bins limits! There is a line on the inside of the skip bin which indicates the limit to where rubbish should stop. Stick to the limit and you’ll avoid overfilling.

Our skips are made from heavy-duty steel to fit Australian safety standards. We assure you about the delivery of the best quality bins on time at your property whenever you need them. At the same time, we are ready to offer you various assistive services which include loading the skip bins at your property, removing the waste from the same. Give us a call on 0451 211 002 and let us take care of your waste.

Dispose Electronic Waste

How to dispose of electronic waste

E-waste (electronic waste), is the waste that comes from electronic devices that are disposed of. Any used electrical or electronic device that is available for reuse, recycling, resale or disposal is also categorized as e-waste. We are one of the highest users of electronics in the world causing the amount of e-waste to be great too.
Electronic waste should not be thrown out in your household bins. E-waste contains hazardous components like cadmium, brominated flame retardants, lead and more. Leaking of these materials into landfills can cause serious danger to people’s health and also our environment.
Tips on how to dispose of electronic waste:

1. First things first - Buy less electronics!
Don’t get caught up in the hype of new products. It creates a whole lot of e-waste! It’s best to reuse your gadgets until it’s actually time for them to go! Buy less!

2. Always try to recycle - Take your e-waste to a recycling centre.
A great way to get rid of your electronic waste is by taking it to a recycling centre. There are many recycling centres around your local areas. There are lots of e-waste drop off points too that are easily found or searched for online.

3. Re-use them! Sell or donate your old electronics.
If your electronics are still in good condition, a good thought is to either sell or donate the old electronics that you no longer want, so that they are reused!

4. Lastly - Send your electronics back to the company.
Many electronic companies allow you to send back electronics you want to dispose of so they can dispose of them appropriately. They even offer trade-ins, discounts or some money back!

It’s so important that whichever way you decide to get rid of your e-waste that it’s not by throwing them away in your normal household bin.

Bin 2 Go proudly does its best to keep our environment clean and to educate individuals on appropriate waste management. Give our friendly team at Bin 2 Go a call on 0451 211 002
or send us an email today! Alternatively, you can even book online!

Skip Bin hire during COVID 19

It’s essential to know that skip bin hire is a low-risk public service during COVID 19 Pandemic. Skip drivers are not required to make any form of contact with customers, they wear a mask at all times, maintain social distancing. And follow all government guidelines. It is Bin2go’s top priority to keep our customers safe, healthy, and happy.

Bin 2 Go has reinforced contactless transactions and booking systems to ensure our services are still running while following government guidelines. This allows us to continue to support a greener environment by allowing us to Recycle Sydney’s waste. Our team is passionate about limiting waste that ends up in landfills.

What are contactless transactions?
Just like many other businesses, Bin 2 Go has turned to contactless payment. We offer an online booking system, that requires card details. Alternatively, we can take card payments over the phone. Contactless payment is a transaction made without any physical contact! Many traders used to work quite often with cash, however, this payment method is now quite rare and not ideal in our current situation.

Will contactless transactions impact your skip bin delivery?
Contactless transactions are nothing new, however, they are just far more popular now and encouraged given the current circumstances. Once you have ordered your skips bin, it will arrive at the requested date and location. In order to comply with government orders and promote a healthier and safer environment, our team recommends taking advantage of our contactless payments.

Give our friendly team at Bin 2 Go a call on 0451 211 002
or send us an email today! Alternatively, you can even book online!