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What Can and Can't Go In A Skip Bin

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What You Can’t Put in a Skip Bin

When it comes to clearing out your home, garden, or undergoing a renovation project, hiring a skip bin can seem like the ultimate solution for all your waste disposal needs. It's easy, efficient, and takes a load off your shoulders. But, hold your horses! Before you start tossing everything into that skip, it's crucial to know that not all waste is created equal, at least not in the eyes of Australian waste management laws.

So, what can you or can’t you chuck into a skip? Let's dive into the essentials, ensuring you're not left with a hefty fine or, worse, an uncollected skip full of prohibited items.

1. Hazardous Chemicals

Top of the list and for good reason. Hazardous chemicals, including but not limited to paints, solvents, and pesticides, are a big no-no. These materials require special disposal methods to prevent harm to the environment and human health.

2. Asbestos

A notorious material, asbestos is harmful and requires careful handling and disposal by licensed professionals. If you suspect you have asbestos in your home, don't even think about putting it in a skip.

3. Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

In today's tech-driven world, e-waste has become a significant concern. Items like old TVs, computers, and other electronic gadgets don't belong in your skip. They contain materials that can be harmful to the environment and often can be recycled or disposed of safely through dedicated e-waste programs.

4. Batteries

Batteries, whether they're from your car, laptop, or the myriad of AAAs powering your home devices, are not skip-friendly. They contain chemicals that can leak into the environment, posing serious risks.

5. Tires

While it might be tempting to toss those old tires into the skip, they're actually banned from landfill sites due to their durability and the space they take up. There are specific tyre recycling facilities that will take them off your hands, often for free or a small fee.

6. Gas Bottles

Gas bottles are another item that you can't put in a skip. Whether they're empty or still have some gas left, they pose a significant explosion risk.

7. Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs, including those energy-saving light bulbs, contain mercury, a dangerous substance that requires careful disposal through appropriate recycling channels.

8. Medical Waste

From old medications to used syringes, medical waste has no place in a skip due to the potential biohazard risks it poses.

9. Food Waste

While it might seem harmless, food waste in skips can attract pests, create unpleasant odours, and contribute to methane production as it decomposes, a potent greenhouse gas.

What Can and Cant Go in a Skip Bin

What You Can Put in a Skip Bin

1. General Household Waste

This includes any of household clutter—clothes, toys, cardboard, and other non-recyclables that have outstayed their welcome. Perfect for when you're having a clear-out.

2. Furniture

Got an old sofa that's seen better days or a dining table that's been replaced? Furniture, both wooden and metal, is skip-friendly, making it easier to say goodbye to the old.

3. Garden Waste

Leaves, branches, grass clippings, and even soil can take a trip to the skip. It's ideal for garden makeovers or routine clear-outs, helping you keep your backyard looking bonza.

4. Construction and Building Materials

Renovation rubble such as bricks, concrete, tiles, and ceramics can be disposed of in a skip. These materials are heavy, so make sure you choose a skip of the appropriate size and weight limit.

5. Non-Electrical Fittings

This includes sinks, toilets, and baths. As long as it's not electronic, these bulky items are typically fine to place in your skip.

6. Metals

From old tools to metal shelving, most ferrous and non-ferrous metals are accepted. These materials can often be recycled, making them a great addition to your skip content.

7. Wood and Timber

All types of wood, including pallets, furniture, and offcuts from your latest DIY project, can be thrown in. Just be mindful of removing any nails or screws to prevent injury.

8. Plastics

Larger plastic items, such as buckets, garden furniture, and PVC piping, are usually permitted. However, try to recycle smaller plastic items through your council's recycling program.


Hiring a skip bin is a fantastic way to manage waste during big clean-ups or projects, but it's not a free-for-all. By understanding what items are prohibited, you can plan accordingly and avoid any potential issues. Remember, when in doubt, check it out—either online or with your skip hire company. Keeping our country clean and green starts with responsible waste management, and every little bit helps.

Bin2Go Is The Right Skip Bin For The Job

For items you can't put in a skip, check with your local council or waste management facilities for guidance on the proper disposal methods. Many items, like e-waste and chemicals, have dedicated drop-off points or collection days.

Bin2Go offers a hassle-free solution to your waste removal needs with our skip bin hire services in Sydney! Give us a call at 0451 211 002 and get started by contacting us now! 

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